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[호주] 르꼬르동블루 학사과정 장학금 안내
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르꼬르동블루 학사과정 장학금 안내

International Bachelor Degree Scholarships

르꼬르동블루 학사학위 장학금 안내


안녕하세요 호주도우미 운영진입니다.

여러분들께 희소식을 전해드립니다.

르꼬르동블루 Bachelor of Business (International Restaurant Management) 과정을 공부하시는 학생 각2명에게 $10000의 장학금을 수여합니다.


- 호주에 거주하지 않는 유학생
- Bachelor of Business (International Restaurant Management)과정에 적용

- 장학금은 해당 학사학위 프로그램 동안 분할 지급 됩니다.
   Stage 1 =$3,000
   Stage 3 =$3,000
   Stage 5 =$4,000

Hospitality 와 호텔분야에 열정적이고 진취적인 학생으로서 특히 식음료 경영 분야에 대해서 관심을 갖고 있는 학생

장학금 수혜학생 입학조건:
- 1학년 부터 입학-편입인정안됨

- 18세 이상
- 정규 교육과정 (12학년) 이수 학생
- 재정보증 증명 (2.5년 마칠 수 있은 재정 상황)
- 500자 에세이 (학업에 대한 자신의 열정과 의지)



Essay Topic - Why I want to study hospitality?
- 입학원서에 첨부.
- 출신교 또는 연관분야에서 받은 추천서 1부
- 1월 7월학기 중 선택 가능



아래에 원문메일 첨부합니다


르꼬르동블루 장학금에 관한 문의사항은 호주도우미 운영진이나

호도 강남사무실(02-565-7523)로 문의주시면

자세하게 안내해드려요~




International Bachelor Degree Scholarships

AUD$10,000 International Student Scholarship – 2 Per Country

Scholarships are currently available to international students not currently living in Australia to attend Le Cordon Bleu Australia. These scholarships are valued at AUD$10,000 and are aimed towards the Restaurant stream of the Bachelor degrees.

There are two scholarships available for each country - per intake (January and July)

  • Bachelor of Business (International Restaurant Management)

The scholarship tuition fee will be allocated across the duration of the program;

  • Stage 1=$3,000
  • Stage 3=$3,000
  • Stage 5=$4,000

Individuals with a passion for hospitality and pursuing a career in the dynamic field of hospitality, particularly focusing on food & beverage management are encouraged to apply.

Scholarships are not awarded on a purely academic basis but a proven interest in the field of hospitality. Any background study or work experience with be viewed favourably.

Criteria for entry

  • Scholarship recipients must commence Stage 1 – no credit will given for prior learning
  • Applicants must
    • be 18 years of age or over
    • have completed 12 years of formal education
    • provide financial evidence that funds are available to complete full 2.5 year program
    • demonstrate a passion and desire to pursue and establish a career in the hospitality management industry – with a written submission (500 words minimum)

Essay Topic - Why I want to study hospitality?

The essay will:

  • be attached to the formal Application Form
  • be submitted with a reference supporting the application from their education institution or industry contact

All applications will be assessed and scholarship recipients decided by Le Cordon Bleu
All scholarship winners will be notified in writing

  • Scholarships are available for July and January intakes and students can select when they wish to commence studies

Applications close

  • Australian Government Visa Assessment Levels 1 & 2 - July Intake 31st May / January intake 30 November.
  • Australian Government Visa Assessment Levels 3 & 4 - July Intake 30th April / January intake 31 October.

Scholarship recipients may also be announced on the Le Cordon Bleu web site

Le Cordon Bleu may also wish to profile scholarship winners for the website, newsletters and various international media. Scholarship recipients will be required to participate and may, over the duration of their studies, be asked to assist hosting media from their home country.


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